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Medical Reiki™ Works was founded to support research and education of Reiki in healthcare.

Medical Reiki and You

Medical Reiki™ is the practice of bringing the soothing power of Reiki into an operating room by a Certified Medical Reiki Master™ attuned to the power of Reiki and trained to transmit its nurturing abilities to the patient during surgery while working unobtrusively with the surgical team.

In this very moment, the intense suffering endured by those in medical treatment for their disease is often harrowing, depressing and even life shattering.  In these times of escalating catastrophic illnesses, we must bring Medical Reiki forward as a part of conventional medicine, that will be available to all of us who might want our doctors to add it to our treatment plan.


For the past 20 years Medical Reiki has brought great relief to patients by inducing calm, alleviating pain, instilling confidence and activating a deep sense of well-being, all leading to better outcomes. However, it has only been available in certain hospitals to those who could afford to pay for it.


In order to make Medical Reiki available to everyone, and for medical insurance to pay for it, we need evidence-based proof through scientific research. We ask that you please join our team by making a donation to this urgently needed scientific investigation. The results we are aiming to provide with this research are critical for the sake of us all, and your help will insure a better future for medical patients in what might be your own family, or in families far and wide!


Sheldon Marc Feldman. MD and Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International LLC have joined forces to fulfill this mission by working together to make it possible for a pivotal medical study to be conducted to prove the efficacy of using Reiki in the high-tech reality of modern medicine. Medical Reiki Works Inc. was created to raise the money for this important research.

Sheldon Marc Feldman, MD, Chief of the Division of Breast Surgery and Surgical Oncology, and Director of Breast Cancer Services at Montefiore Einstein Center for Cancer Care, the clinical arm of the NCI-designated Albert Einstein Cancer Center, will conduct the study. 

In the year 2000, Dr. Mehmet Oz invited Raven Keyes into his operating room to administer Reiki during open-heart surgery. During the subsequent years, Ms. Keyes continued with her Reiki practice of assisting patients during surgery, almost exclusively with Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman. Dr. Feldman noticed that when Reiki was administered during surgery, the patients seemed to do much better. There was less bleeding, the surgeries went more smoothly, almost no pain was present a day or two after surgery and the patient seemed to heal faster. 

In the foreword to Ms. Keyes book, "The Healing Power of Reiki" Dr. Oz wrote: "... on the surface, bringing an energy practitioner to the operating room attacks the foundation of modern medicine, a field that seeks to measure objective benefits from every treatment." "Although difficult for the medical community at large to accept, an energy worker and a surgeon may be able to assist one another to ensure the 'full recovery' of the patient. Organized medicine must help shoulder the responsibility to study these challenging new theories of healing." 

This research project will answer that call! 


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